The Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid

The Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid seemed like a convenient and maneuverable option that could replace my old vacuum cleaner. As it was lightweight and fitted with a long and easy to steer handle, I believed it could also help me with my back pain, because I didn’t have to bend or move a lot while sweeping. It had an integrated crevice tool as a bonus and, at the time I bought it, I really needed something for my cushions and couch. Even if this is a corded product, the cord is long enough to allow the broom to cover all corners in a room without you needing to plug it in and unplug it each time you put it to use.


When I acquired this product, I knew it was designed to work on hard floors especially, and that it would deliver weaker performances on carpets and bulky textures, but I didn’t expect it to deliver such poor results. Besides the superficial messes stuck into my fluffy living room carpet, this product isn’t making much of a difference to its general appearance. But, as the manufacturer didn’t recommend it for its carpet sweeping capacity, I wasn’t too annoyed with the fact. The broom makes a pretty good job on hard floors and low carpets with the one condition that you change the filter often, if not, it partially loses its sweeping capacity.

The process of changing the filter is complicated, because you have to unscrew the product each time you do it, and, in time, you need to do it more and more often, to ensure a quality sweeping. As such, it takes a long time and it is a niggling job. Another thing that I find unsatisfying is that you cannot empty the dust cup if you don’t remove the nozzle first.  As you may easily conclude, in terms of practicality, this broom is quite poorly designed.


In addition, I expected the broom to be more lightweight, but it is not. Probably my back pain makes it harder for me to maneuver it, but I’ve seen other products in this category and they seemed much lighter than this one. As such, it gives me a hard time every time I need to sweep, especially if I have to use it for longer cleaning sessions.


All in all, I believe I paid for it much more than it was worth it and for that kind of money, I could’ve bought a more efficient cleaning utensil. I will probably not buy from Fuller again.